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Here you can find all the recourses that have been used for the creation of the interactive web stories. It is highly recommended to check out these sources yourself to learn more about such matters, happy learning!

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Have I been pwned?

Have I been powned?

On this website you can see if you have been Powned. That means that your data is within a data-leak that get’s reported to this website. If that is the case you can follow the tips on the website. Usually they recommend changing your password and update for a two-factor authentication. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get notified whenever your email is within another data breach!

Kasperky Password checker

On this website you can get an indication whether your password is somewhat okay. You get a clear indication of how long it takes for you to crack the password with a computer. Some years or even enough time to hypothetically walk to the moon and back. In addition you can even receive more tips on how to create a good password.

Dashlane password manager

Dashlane Password Manager

If you have trouble to think of many passwords that are somewhat good, then consider using a password manager like Dashlane. It can save up to 50 different passwords in the free version and you only need to memorize 1 excellent master password. One of the best password managers to get started with because of it’s friendly to use design.

Total AV virus scanner

TotalAV virus scanner

Anti-virus program TotalAV offers one of the best free versions in cybersecurity. It can be another layer between you and a phishing or harmful website with malicious content. Just to clarify, the scanner is not a blanque cheque, you still have to be careful on the internet!

Keeping your systems up-to-date

Instead of recommending another program, it remains crucial to keep your systems up-to-date. The older the system, the more likely that all kinds of flaws are becoming visible which make it slightly more dangerous to use. Keep yourself away from unnecessary risks, and make sure you execute your updates in a timely manner!


Aside from a few tools, there is a lot written about this subject. Underneath you can find reports that underline the research findings which are used in the chapters and much more. Happy reading!

This book was the main inspiration for this thesis. The fact that people need to be more informed about cybersecurity matters is the central point of this book. Although this goes much deeper into malware, ransomware and cyberbullying as well.

On social media you can gain a lot of data about one’s life. Now concerning the risks of oversharing information about social media, it might be a worthwhile read to see how these platforms gather your data.