About password managers

Password managers are the safest way of storing your passwords online. You no longer need to memorize all the passwords that you have.  Now there are a variety of different password managers where you can keep all the passwords in one place.

The reason why password managers are so secure is because they use very complex security systems. Even if they would breach the system somehow, they only got passwords and nothing to match it with.


All the advantages of a password manager

Examples of password managers

Here are a few examples of password managers that you can use to secure your passwords. All of these include a free plan. Even if you don’t want to spend anything, there is still a lot can you do!


In the free version of Dashlane, you receive the following:

-Store up to 50 passwords on an individual account!

-Gain strong passwords

-Avalaible for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android


In the free version of Roboform you receive the following:

-Unlimited logins

-How to create strong passwords

-Available on Windows, Apple, Mac, Ios and Android


In the free version of Lastpass you receive the following:

-Works for mutiple devices

-Uses a password generator

-Available on Windows, Apple, Mac, Ios and Android