E-learning course about social media scams

Over the last few years, social media scamshave increased because it’s basically a gold mine dumpster for cybercriminals. We need to learn about the risks and understand how to take preventive measures. Let’s go on a much-needed cybersecurity journey!

social media hacks

Why learn more about social media scams?


Social media fraud hacks in 2019

Cybercriminals are digging in the gold mine dumpster of social media in order to try their luck with social engineering.


Of phishing messages were opened in 2016

With an increase of 7% in terms of what happened last year and 12% of the 30% clicked on the malicious link in the email.


In the EU are worried about online security

In a study of the EU, 52% of the respondents are worried about their supposed lack of knowledge in cybersecurity.

The learning journey


Test your knowledge

First, you can test your cybersecurity knowledge. This way you find out what still needs some work and what doesn’t.


Get the test results

After the quiz you can see whatever you lack or whatever appeals to your interest.


Start learning about cybersecurity

Begin at the start of the e-learning course of 6 different chapters and enjoy a 2-hour journey or just select whatever you like.


Be a star in cybersecurity

Once you went through all the chapters, you can take the quiz one more time to see if you have become the start in cybersecurity!

Professional opinions about online security

"You can protect yourself against cyberattacks all you want, but you have to realize that it is not the technology that needs better security, it is your behavior."
Daniël Verlaan
Technology journalist at RTL nieuws
“I highly encourage everyone to spend time and chat with spam e-mail from an anonymous e-mail account. All the time they use up to communicate with you, they are losing the chance to reach a really vulnerable and perhaps gullible person.”
James Veich
Famous spam e-mail comedian
“People are using bad passwords–we need to save users from themselves.”
“Social media platforms are being used as a trojan horse by hackers to enter the enterprise. Only with a thorough understanding of the scope of the problemt, to defend ourselves can we start to tip the balance. If we carry on as we are, then we are just sitting ducks.”

Why TheSocialsecurity.nl?

This website is designed for young people that want to learn about this subject but think it’s too difficult to understand.

Here you can learn in an interactive way how to protect your online social media accounts. Best of all, it’s for free and you get it done in just a matter of 2 hours.

Interactive flipboxes
With tips & tricks
2 hours

Test your cybersecurity knowledge!

Time to explore the world of online security with testing your current knowledge.


Number of phishing sites in the world

The number of phishing websites has increased according to Google. And it get’s more difficult to recognize them because cybercriminals get smarter too.


Losses of 6 months in 2020 due to social media scams

This number mainly came due to phishing attemps on social media which resulted in such a high record loss.

Social media data leaks are becoming more common

Such as the Facebook data breach in 2021, the Twitter hack in 2020 proof that there are hacks at a grand scale.